Friday, June 5, 2009

Demonstrating Good Practice

We love wood, it’s a beautiful material. But when we use trees to make furniture we must all ensure that the materials come from a reputable source, so that environmental impact of our usage is properly sustainable. Furniture Contracts are able to provide full certification, having been awarded full FSC® (CoC) status.

What is FSC® chain of custody certification?

FSC chain of custody (CoC) allows credible tracking of FSC material from the forest, through all successive stages of the production process, to committed retailers and consumers. CoC certification is for operations that manufacture, process or trade in timber or non-timber forest products.

CoC certification requires operations to identify the origin of raw materials used in FSC certified products and to keep FSC certified products separate from other products throughout the production process. Only operations with FSC CoC certificate are allowed to label products with the FSC trademarks.

The FSC label provides the link between responsible production and consumption that enables the consumer to make socially and environmentally responsible purchasing decisions.

For more information on the FSC and it’s global influences watch the film

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